The Laptops and Tablets You Need for Business

Laptops and tablets represent an extension of our work and interests. As luck would have it, the human brain is not yet capable of analyzing numbers in a spreadsheet, conferencing with multiple co-workers in several remote locations, and creating presentations for a new product launch. Laptops and tablets are necessary business companions. However, given the number of choices out in the market right now, it can be challenging to pick one that is right for your needs.

We researched some of the top brands and models to give you a head start on your search. Here are some of the best laptops and tablets available in the market right now that you need for your business.

Apple MacBook Pro, 13-inch

The MacBook Pro is a high-performance device with a simple, but stunning design. It can easily take on the daily needs of a business. The 13-inch model is perfect because of its portability and relatively lower cost, compared to the 15-inch version. It is fast, intuitive, and easy-to-carry. This laptop also features a bright and high-resolution display as well as long battery life. The only disadvantages would be its high price tag, the impossibility of upgrading and replacing its parts, and the lack of additional connections other than two USB type-C ports and a headphone jack.

Apple iPad Pro, 10.5 inch

Apple included a lot of spec upgrades on the new iPad Pro. Some of them are crucial but invisible, while others are more subtle but still stunning. Its crisp, non-reflective screen is bigger and brighter, with an even faster processing power. The Apple Pencil also comes with a new and improved hardware, making it seem like the user is putting a real pencil on paper. It is an amazing tablet and certainly the best one that Apple has released so far. With a Bluetooth keyboard (or Apple’s own Smart Keyboard cover ), it is the ideal tablet for business owners who like lightweight devices.

Dell XPS 13 9360

The Dell XPS 13 9360 is an incredibly powerful Windows-based device which business owners can use for just about any purpose. It has a remarkably fast processor with a long battery life. It also features a resolution with nearly 4k resolution, plus there are various ports to choose from. The only cons are that it can be quite expensive for some, its webcam is weirdly positioned on the bottom-left of the device. Some users have also complained about the awkward keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft often markets the Surface Pro as competitors for the Apple iPad. However, it works great as a travel laptop. It is the perfect device for business owners who are always on the go because it has a lightweight and convertible design, which includes a stylus and a detachable   It is relatively affordable, given its high-resolution display and incredible 128 GB solid-state storage. While it may not have processing power of the laptops on this list, it will suit those people who prefer traveling lighter.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Galaxy Tab S3 is undoubtedly the best Android tablet that you can purchase right now. With its powerful processor, excellent display and features, this tablet proves that you do not need a tablet that runs on Windows to be suitable for business needs. Like the iPad Pro, it also has an S-Pen stylus and an optional keyboard. It is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it is a great investment for business owners.

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